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A: You can withdraw YEM, TEC, TMC, TVC and TSHC from YEMEXCHANGE. Also, USD can be withdrawn from the exchange.
A: They will move to your Pernum Wallet at PERNUM.com
A: There will only be YEMCHAIN Fees for the Transfer of YEM and Tcoins. No Fees from YEMEXCHANGE for Withdrawal of Coins.
A: YEMCHAIN is the Blockchain which shows the Transfer of YEM and TCoins from one PERNUM Wallet to another.
A: YEMCHAIN Fees are 0.1% of the transaction subjected to a minimum of 0.001 YEM to a maximum of 1000 YEM.
A: Yes, the YEMCHAIN Fees are always charged in YEM.
A: No, you should have YEM at YEMEXCHANGE to pay for the YEMCHAIN Fee.
A: You have the Withdraw Option in the Funds Page of YEMEXCHANGE for YEM as well as for each TCoins.
A: It will depend upon the YEMCHAIN to process the transaction. However, as the confirmation happens very fast on the YEMCHAIN, you may see it immediately.
A: Yes, withdrawals of USD are transferred to your USDY PerNum Wallet and converted using a ratio of 1:1. Withdraws are completed through the WITHDRAW options in your PerNum Multi Wallet, please be aware you will need YEM for the YEMChain fee to complete the transfer to your PerNum Multi Wallet. You start the withdrawal in your USD Wallet in YEMExchange by transferring USDY from YEMExchange to your Fiat Wallet within your PerNum Multi Wallet, your funds are credited according to normal YEMChain transfer times to your Fiat Wallet. You can locate this page in YEMExchange by clicking the WITHDRAW button next to your USD Wallet on the WALLETS page. To withdraw funds to your bank, log in at Pernum.com, enter the Multi Wallet area by clicking the WALLET icon, then click on WITHDRAW, and WITHDRAW USD, you can then enter your details to withdraw your funds to your bank account.
A: The only trading pair for YEM is USD/YEM. When you sell YEM, you will receive USD in your USD wallet. At this time, the only withdrawal option for USD is via bank wire through your PerNum Multi Wallet. Through that process you can receive EUR, or whatever your local currency is, directly in your bank account.
A: If you wish to have more options such as spending funds directly from your Fiat Wallet using a debit card, check out the UPGRADE options in your PerNum Multi Wallet, all upgrade options are being implemented step by step. See your PerNum Multi Wallet under the UPGRADE area and read the December 1, 2020 Unicorn Network Webinar for more details.
A: First your YEM and TCoins need to be in your PerNum Multi Wallet, please follow the steps to withdraw first. Then you can buy a variety of things with YEM and TCoins, check out the links under the SHOPPING hexagon at www.Safe.Zone after you log in for items and services you can purchase in whole or in part with YEM and TCoins. You can also check out the options under Assets in your PerNum Multi Wallet at Pernum.com, YEM can be used in part to purchase digital precious metals backed 100% by real physical precious metals. More options to spend YEM and TCoins are introduced on a regular basis as available.

YEM EXCHANGE is a service of YEM Foundation, operating under the licenses FVR000763 (Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency) and FRK000663 (Providing a virtual currency wallet service) of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.

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