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A: When you place your order in YEMEXCHANGE, the Trading Fees will be paid in YEM and automatically deducted from your YEM wallet. You must transfer sufficient YEM to cover the Fees from your Pernum Wallet.
A: No, there are no Trading Fees to buy an order.
A: If you have Zero Net Fees enabled, when you pay a fee in USD, you receive 100% cashback in YEM credited to your YEM wallet. You must transfer sufficient USD to cover the Fees to your USD wallet. To participate in Zero Net Fees, you must enable 100% Cashback Preferred from your YEMEXCHANGE Profile (click your PerNum to view your profile).
A: We cannot provide any estimates for trade volume at this time as it varies. What we can say is that members who have their own buyers and utilize the OTC Private Offers complete the fastest. If you are using the Public Orders at the Exchange or the OTC Public Offers, the time for trades to complete will vary. It is your choice of which method to use.
A: Depending on your level of verification at safezonepass.com, you may be limited to a value of $100 or $200 per month ($1,000 or $2,000 annually). To remain within your monthly limit, check the value of your transactions and adjust the amount accordingly. If you have already reached your limit you will need to wait until next month or your trade limit is available again to do any more transactions, or you can always Go Unlimited to remove the limits.
A: Orders are sold on a first come, first served basis within the same price depending on the order volume.
A: The system will fulfill your order at the lowest price possible, this is especially good if you have a larger buy order to fulfill and there are several price points covering the amount you wish to purchase; for example, you have a buy order of 100 TEC, if there were only 40 TEC available at 2000 YEM each and 60 TEC available at 2001 YEM each, the system would fulfill your order by buying the 40 TEC at 2000 YEM each plus 60 TEC at 2001 YEM each.
A: You will see a notification on your screen in the lower right corner. If you miss it, you can see the status of your Open Orders by scrolling down on the Order Page and your Closed Orders in Order History. Be aware when doing a Private OTC Offer, you need to confirm that the payment is received. Make sure you have received the payment before confirming as this action cannot be undone. If you are the buyer, the seller needs to confirm your payment was received before you receive your order, once the order is confirmed your associated wallet will automatically update accordingly.

YEM EXCHANGE is a service of YEM Foundation, operating under the licenses FVR000763 (Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency) and FRK000663 (Providing a virtual currency wallet service) of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.

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