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A: When you are trading YEM on the OTC Marketplace, you must stay within the minimum and maximum price range as announced by the YEM Foundation. You can choose the sell price, however it can only go lower than the current price by 0.1 at a time. Do be aware that orders will sell the fastest around the current price.
A: We cannot provide any estimates for trade volume at this time as it varies. What we can say is that members who have their own buyers and utilize the OTC Private Offers complete the fastest. If you are using the Public Orders at the Exchange or the OTC Public Offers, the time for trades to complete will vary. It is your choice of which method to use.
A: One of the fastest ways to find your own buyers is to invite new members to the SafeZone network with one of your SafeZone network referral links (see the WE SHARE SUCCESS hexagon in your account at https://safe.zone/ for more info). Some new members will want to buy YEM, which you can sell them via the OTC Private Offers.

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