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A: You can use TEC at www.Twnkl.Estate
A: You can use TSHC at www.Twnkl.Shop
A: You can use TMC at www.TwnklCars.com
A: You can use TVC at www.IVC.Travel
A: You will need to raise the limits through your SafeZone account at www.SafeZonePass.com. Complete details about the YEM Exchange are in the July 1, 2020 webinar recap. The July 20, 2020 Webinar recap has important additional information and updates about your Profile and SafeZone Pass. To view the recaps, go to the WEBINARS hexagon after log in at www.Safe.Zone.
A: Email notifications are ONLY sent for deposits and withdrawals of USD. No emails are sent out for TRADES or OTC orders. Only the popup notifications that appear in the bottom right of the screen are shown for those. If you are logged out when a transaction completes, any notifications you miss will be displayed when you log back in. Buyers and sellers can check the status of their transactions under ORDER BOOK or your transaction History found under WALLETS.
A: YEM is the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency, YEM stands for Your Everyday Money. The smallest denomination is called a “Dan”, which is equal to 0.001 YEM, and the largest denomination is called a “Rainbow”, which is equal to 1,000,000 YEM. The full denomination list is 1 Dan = 0.001 YEM / 1000 Dan = 1 Twnkl / 1 Twnkl = 1 YEM / 1 Glitter = 1,000 YEM / 1 Rainbow = 1,000,000 YEM
A: TCoins is the short form of the term TwnklCoins, which are subcoins and subtokens of YEM on the YEMCHAIN blockchain.

YEM EXCHANGE is a service of YEM Foundation, operating under the licenses FVR000763 (Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency) and FRK000663 (Providing a virtual currency wallet service) of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.

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