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A: Deposits of USD are transferred from your USDY PerNum Wallet and converted using a ratio of 1:1. To make a deposit, you must first fund your Fiat Wallet within your PerNum Multi Wallet with USD. Log in at Pernum.com, enter the Multi Wallet area by clicking the WALLET icon, then click DEPOSIT, and click DEPOSIT USD. You will then have multiple options to fund your wallet with USD. Be aware upon being funded, your USD will be converted to USDY at a rate of 1:1 so that transactions can run on the YEMChain for transparency and accounting. (Upon any withdraw USDY is converted back to USD at a rate of 1:1.) Once your USDY is credited to your Fiat Wallet, come back to YEMExchange.com, log in, click WALLETS, click DEPOSIT next to your USD balance, then enter the amount of USDY you wish to deposit and follow the steps. Your USDY will be credited according to normal YEMChain transfer times and normal YEMChain fees apply so you will need some YEM in your PerNum Wallet for the YEMChain fee.
A: You can deposit YEM, TEC, TMC, TVC and TSHC in YEMEXCHANGE. Also, USD can be deposited to the Exchange.
A: YEM is the trading symbol of Rainbow Currency and YEM stands for Your Everyday Money
A: TCoins means TwnklCoins. They are subcoins of Rainbow Currency (YEM) and include TEC, TMC, TVC & TSHC. TEC is the trading symbol for Twnkl Estate Coin. TMC is the trading symbol for Twnkl Mobility Coin. TVC is the trading symbol for Twnkl Vacation Coin. TSHC is the trading symbol for Twnkl Shopping Coin.
A: You should have YEM and TCoins in your Pernum Wallet at PERNUM.com
A: There will only be YEMCHAIN Fees for the Transfer of YEM and TCoins. There are no Fees from YEMEXCHANGE for Deposit of Coins.
A: YEMCHAIN is the Blockchain which shows the Transfer of YEM and TCoins from one PERNUM Wallet to another.
A: YEMCHAIN Fees are 0.1% of the transaction subject to a minimum of 0.001 YEM to a maximum of 1000 YEM.
A: No, you should have YEM in your Pernum Wallet to pay for the YEMCHAIN Fee.
A: You have the Deposit Option in the Funds Page of YEMEXCHANGE for YEM as well as for each TCoins.
A: It will depend upon the YEMCHAIN to process the transaction. However, as the confirmations happen very fast at YEMCHAIN, you may see it immediately.
A: YEMCHAIN Fees for deposits from your Pernum Wallet to your Exchange Wallet are paid in YEM and automatically deducted from your Pernum Wallet.

YEM EXCHANGE is a service of YEM Foundation, operating under the licenses FVR000763 (Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency) and FRK000663 (Providing a virtual currency wallet service) of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.

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