Public API V1


The YEM Exchange API v1 is a basic REST API that users can use to retrieve market data. The API, for ease, is mostly compatible with similar simple APIs made by other major exchanges. API calls are limited to 2 requests per second, with any request exceeding the rate limit denied by an https 503 response. All API responses are valid JSON arrays.

API Functions

1. Market Stats
2. Market Rates of all trading pairs
3. Live Trading Data
4. Live Order Book Data

Market Stats

GET https://yemexchange.com/statistics.php?pair={COIN}-{EXCHANGE}

Function: Provides stats for a single specific market. Data Refresh: every minute.

Example: https://yemexchange.com/statistics.php?pair=YEM-USD

JSON Response


Market Rates of all trading pairs

GET https://yemexchange.com/statistics_rates.php

Function: Provides stats for all markets. Data Refresh: every minute.

Example: https://yemexchange.com/statistics_rates.php

JSON Response


Live Trading Data

Under development

Live Order Book Data

Under development

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