YEMEXCHANGE is the official exchange for coins and tokens of YEMCHAIN, the 'authority friendly' blockchain. We are in full compliance with all YEM Foundation requirements.


YEMEXCHANGE is offering the trading pairs YEM/USD, TEC/YEM, TMC/YEM, TSHC/YEM and TVC/YEM. More trading pairs will be added based on demand.


YEMEXCHANGE is offering as an additional service a direct marketplace for OTC deals. Buy and sell YEM directly at the current rate to and from other members.


YEMEXCHANGE is operating under the licenses of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.


YEMEXCHANGE is using a bank-level KYC/AML process to protect our customers. Every member needs to go through an easy but effective process of identification.


YEMEXCHANGE is a SafeZone member, bringing the highest security standards to our members. Every transaction needs to be approved by a random one-time pin.


YEMEXCHANGE is home of the lowest fees in the industry. Pay your fees with YEM, or pay with USD and receive a 100% cashback in YEM. Welcome to our Net Zero Fees!


YEMEXCHANGE is a bot-free zone. We are the entry (or exit) for YEM holders and do not support short-term trading. Thus, no trading bots are allowed.


For the convenience of our customers, YEMEXCHANGE offers an API to retrieve current values, trading volumes, and market stats.

YEM EXCHANGE is a service of YEM Foundation, operating under the licenses FVR000763 (Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency) and FRK000663 (Providing a virtual currency wallet service) of Novamarket OU, Estonian registry code 14458493.

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